UPDATED! The silver tongue special! 2018 BMW 320i xDrive demo! $238.71/ month @7% tax! $3,379.65 DAS incluses MSD's

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: ----------2018 BMW 320i xDrive Demo*
MSRP: $--------------------------------------$43,390
Monthly Payment: $-----------------------$238.71 at 7% tax
Drive-Off Amount: $-----------------------$3,379.65 DAS ($238.71 1st month payment, $1,750 MSD’s,
$313 dealer fee, $77.94 upfront taxes, $1,000 Cap Reduction)
Annual Mileage:----------------------------10,000
Residual:------------------------------------- 66% ( $27,662.40)
Available Incentives:---------------------- Included- $750 Loyalty, $3000 lease cash
Add- OL, College Grad (no conquest)
Region:----------------------------------------Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Washington- Vehicle CAN ship!!

2018 BMW 320i xDrive demo

Ran at an Idaho state tax rate
Will cover a $300 airline credit to fly you out here so you can drive your 320i home if you don’t want to ship.
See link to car.


Still available. No one is digging this deal huh?

What OL codes do you guys accept?

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If my math is correct, approximately 18% off? Probably need to be closer to 20% especially since $44k is approaching 330xi territory with better incentives and the mileage drops the discount over 2%.

Dropping the acquisition fee and marking up the MF should save another $10/month especially since you are rolling in the acquisition into the monthly payment.

I’ll submit any OL code.
All it takes is asking :slight_smile:

Made a little more enticing… Peep the update fam