🚨 UPDATED! 2019 Infinti QX60 Pure AWD, 209 + tax + msds, TDAS: doc/bank/dmv. Home delivery available. [NJ/CT]



Interested. Please pm me. Thanks


I’m interested please pm me.


If he’s got something you’re interested in, PM him instead of asking him to PM you.


Updated for October


Your update is already out-of-date. :joy:


Lol, thanks @Jon, my mind is elsewhere evidently.


I am in NJ interested in this deal. Please PM me details


I’m in northeast PA zip 18064. What’s the best you can do on a base pure. Thanks. I’ve VPP and can do all MSDs. thanks


I am in NJ interested in this deal. Please PM me details


Just add 1k to the deal.


About how much more would it be for 12k miles? It seems like these QX60 deals are always 10k, is there some special magic to that compared to other mileage? My best guess is maybe something to do with selling them CPO with lower mileage on return maybe.


All you have to do is adjust the calculator. Usually 10 to 14 bucks extra.


Yeah, I should have thought of that. I’m on a work computer, with an outdated browser, so the calculator doesn’t work.

But thanks. I’ll try to bring it up on my phone.


Very good. How do I get in touch with you to move forward with this lease.


Please send me a pm with where you are located (zip)
How many miles you need
If you have vpp
How you want it structured


Deleted, posted by mistake


Can I use the VPP from my friend? My company doesn’t have VPP…


Yes. Just get married to your friend first.


My wife may kill me before I jump into the Infiniti…


I am interested in this deal, In NJ.