🚨 UPDATED! 2019 Infinti QX60 Pure AWD, 209 + tax + msds, TDAS: doc/bank/dmv. Home delivery available. [NJ/CT]



Quentin is also giving away his Volvo, MB and BMW dealers on a “first come, first served” basis. Just PM him.


Haha, good one! 202020202


Keep trying. There’s a phone outage in NY at the moment.


Nope looks like it’s closed.neither the website nor the phone number is working


Weird. I’ve been able to reach them and am going to be giving away their cars too. Terrific dealer experience.


33% off Red Sports with no negotiation!


They couldn’t handle the calls volume from LH, I guess.


can you please provide the phone or email address?


I was able to get over 50% off with negotiation on a Red Sport. With VPP, I am getting paid $100 a month to lease one. Awesome dealer! :slight_smile:


I am interested in this deal.
can you please let me know if this is still available?

551 2636 844


Please share the dealership or contact info. My current lease is ending soon.


He’s a broker, you need to hire him to get this deal.


I’m down to get one in the So-Cal region. Good deal for a 7 seater!

How this deal looks like AUDI Q5

Updated for september.


can i get this deal from you if i live in MA? ready to pull trigger


It’s about $100 a month more in CA without VPP or other incentives.


The drive offs are different in NY due to the taxes. Which is why it’s a bit different. VPP alone is worth approx $40/month.


LOL good one Quentin

For anyone that couldn’t tell he’s joking and Infiniti of Manhattan closed down over a year ago.


I don’t see how, max it should be 65.


I am interested in this. Please PM me details.