UPDATED - 2018 BMW X5 5.0 V8 M-sport package $330.17/month $2450 MSD + $5250 DAS 11+ months 12,400 mile (available)

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Ahhhh. That could have been it. I’ve seen others recommend on here to buy used tires off eBay before turn in. The more you know, I suppose.

I agree with the former, but you’ve got nothing to support the latter except pure speculation. I guess you can claim BMW would want it’s depreciating asset back faster in light of Covid-19. I think there’s a better chance that they’ll extend beyond six months (despite the current cap due to federal regulations). But I don’t need that to happen to support the metrics of this deal. However, it seems you need a substantial change in BMWFS’s approach to support yours.

Not really. It wasn’t long ago that BMW pretty much only did 1-2 month extensions and only on approval(yes, there were exceptions, particularly when a new car had been ordered and was in production). Longer extensions are more common at the moment due to covid, but there’s no reason to expect that they won’t revert to their old policies in the next year.

Would you be surprised if I told you that I extended two Bmw leases, one in mid-2018 and one in early 2019, by six months? I suppose the YMMV is apt here.

With that said, I would love for things to go back to “normal” next year. Car leases are so unimportant given that grand scheme of things.

I’ve heard of them doing that and of denying 1-2 month extensions, so it very much is a ymmv situation. Could go great, could not.

Interesting influx of transfer posts lately with people trying to sell a hopeful extension at lease end as if it’s some kind of incentive. :joy:

GLWT, though for $1k/mo I think this could be tough to get out of given the pandemic. If you do manage to find someone willing to do it, you’ll make a fat profit though. Fingers crossed for ya


I saw the numbers, confused as I recalled some of your deeply discounted deals, checked your post history. :eyes:

Hey, if you could get a free X5 for a year, wouldn’t you try to too?

Only reason I wouldn’t justify 1k/mo is because of the older bodystyle. On swapalease no doubt you can move it for $6500. On here probably 5k is your top out… keep in mind recovering the msd is necessary to profit so asking for 6500 is essentially $9k… so 5k turns to 7.5k. In times like these I’m sure very few people care little enough to toss 8-10k on a lease transfer like it’s nothing.

Just my 2 cents, amazing deal though. I remember seeing the deal when it was first posted and some guy called it out as fake lol.

You can get a new body style for less than $1k/mo. Even in the V8 form. There have been a few threads by @Bostoncarconcierge and @nextlevelautobrokers showing this. You can even get an X7.

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You’re playing Russian roulette with tires that low. I would’ve replaced those at 3/32 just for safety alone, especially in the Northeast. You also got lucky, as 4/32 is the minimum before they need replaced per BMW return guidelines, so technically you should’ve been dinged. Someone else may not be so lucky.

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@Lazarus, I don’t disagree with anything you said except that this is a short-term lease which should offset the old body style. Stated inversely, no one is getting this payment for the new body style with the same options for this monthly.

You may wish to reconsider your math. The cash outlay for a comparably equipped vehicle would be $10,000 or more at signing including MSDs and then you would have the privilege of paying $1,000/month throughout the term of the lease. Here, it’s less than $10,000 and your monthly $330.17.

Agreed if they were family cars, which they weren’t. For what it’s worth, they were summer tires. Any bit of sticky summer tires is good for dry roads.

Yeah no I don’t disagree with anything about your initial post or anything thereafter just giving you some feedback. The money portion is still a valid thing to think about, getting 8-10k out of people in this time is the hard part. There’s nothing wrong with making $6500 off the deal as I see it though, quality deal that can’t be replicated and even with the das is still quite a bit lower than what somebody could go out to a dealer and get. Someone is definitely gonna bite on sal if not here.

6500 DAS (+500 transfer + 350 dispostion)…ooof
I saw your link, you snagged a phenomenal deal… but for the transferee, not so much
Lowest available on swapalease is for $866.12

that means you can charge upto $6000 ish DAS
I guess that means you’re priced to market…most are 950+

I just did the math. You’re wrong. There’s a car that Dan (@nextlevelautobrokers) has posted. 2020 X5 M50 i Xdrive. $90k Sticker.

Here’s a link to the calculator with tax included.

$960/mo with tax with $2277 DAS + $7k in MSD. The difference is you get most of that money back at lease end. So, we’re talking about an effective payment of $1023.25/mo with NJ Tax versus your effective payment of $966.53. Is a brand new car (new body style) worth $50/mo to you? To me it is. Now, your deal might get traction on other sites because the good thing about it is it’s very short term, but I think you would have better luck with a lower Down Payment.

Although, you did get a smoking deal when you got this and you do deserve to make money on it. I remember when you posted it, I was jealous haha.


Dan’s deals are literally insane. He quite literally gives these cars away.
&100% agreed, I think OPs deal is much better suited for swap a lease. He has to chop at least $1200 off from DAS to be at the $866 SAL price

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The DAS has been reduced with the thought it that goes to someone on LH. Otherwise, next step SAL. Please PM me with any questions.

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Cash due $5250 is way too high

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