Updated: 2016 Luxury Base Model SUV Year End Steal

First post, glad to be here.

I’ve done quite a bit of calling/meeting folks hoping to find a year end steal to replace a Honda Odyssey minivan. I realize this task is difficult when my parameters are so stringent and typically I figured that to get a year end “steal”, there’d have to be 5 or so current year models remaining. EDIT: I am in North Carolina

As a background, last year I managed to snag a 2015 Lexus RC 24/12k at year end for $293/month using MSDs and $1500 down. In this scenario, they had several hanging around and the factory to dealer incentives were likely the big factor in getting a $55k car at such a price. Regardless, I’ve looked around at large/medium SUVs in an effort to replicate my success from last year. No luck really. Here’s my list of strike outs so far - I almost always spoke directly to sales managers as candidly as possible to get the info:

  • Lexus GX/RX (2016s were all gone, no incentives on 2017s)
  • Land Rover LR4 (2016 last model, discontinued)
  • Toyota 4 Runner (they hadn’t even received any 2017s yet - almost never discounted more than $4k)
  • Cadillac Escalade (2016 lease still sky high $800/month or lower with high offset down payment - I am reopening this possibility and making sure there are no options with a MSD)
  • Chevy Tahoe LTZ or GMC Yukon (2016 were no longer eligible to lease)
  • Infiniti QX60/QX80 (2016 factory incentives expired in November - now working a 2017 QX60 scenario with MSDs on a loaded package, no numbers yet)
  • Acura MDX (2016s not eligible for lease, 2017s too expensive)
  • BMW (2016s gone except for auctioned program cars but residual killed with them having 6k demo miles on them already)
  • Audi Q7 (they didn’t make a 2016 model)
  • Mercedes GLE (selling well, no discounts necessary)
  • Porsche Cayenne (wouldn’t even write an offer of advertised specials - terrible dealership - took my keys for the trade to test drive my trade in, didn’t return them until we had exhausted negotiations, petty)

Am I missing other models, maybe something hard to fit the demographic in price/type that would be a good candidate?

I would take the Porsche Cayenne for $500 with ttl only drive off all day :grin::point_up:️️.

I would take it too :wink:

Lexus December to Remember is going on now. You might want to look again at the RX/GX. I’m getting an RX in the low 400’s with less than $1000 down (tag, title, etc) and MSDs.

What state are you in? And can you give details on msrp, model, selling price etc.

I was offered a QX60 2017 for low 400’s. It had premium pack plus and some other things.

Would also be interested in details of RX in low 400s

I like how you think…

BMW (2016s gone except for auctioned program cars but residual killed with existing 6k miles)

It cant be that bad, right? I think you have to pay 25c per mile? At that rate, 6k miles is $1500. In this case, I would figure out the lowest selling price you would pay for a car with 6k miles and then take another $1500 off and offer that to the dealer.

How much discount are they offering for the X5 program car (exec demo) with 6k off. I would try for 20% off (you can pull that off for 5-series), might not be feasible for X5 since they are selling well as-is…

I just negotiated a loaded 2017 QX60 for a friend for $441 + tax on a 39/12k.

I’m looking at the QX60 loaded. Haven’t gotten into numbers yet - how much down?

Lexus was quite stubborn. RX I spec’ed was an F-Sport but still way high even for the higher trim. On the 2017 GX, they offered $6500 MSDs and $700/month at 48/15k. It’s definitely been a December to remember from them. I even did an overnight test drive with the GX.

BMW exec demos were being treated like a used car since the dealer had acquired at auction. First offer was laughable and the sales guy was content to close the discussion at that.