Update! NEW 2018 BMW 328d - $50k MSRP. 24/12, $262/m, first payment and DMV due at signing

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Thanks to all of You here finally after a month of hunting my family member picked up yesterday his NEW 2018 328d.

**MSRP: $50,090
**Selling Price: 16% off from MSRP

**Incentives: $5,000 lease cash +$2,000 diesel cash + $1,000 OL code = $8,000

They want to get rid of 2018 NEW and loaners: x1,x2,x3,x5s and sedans. They offer at least 16% off from MSRP before incentives.
BTW I am not a Broker. I am just helping others in return.:sunglasses:

Thank You


Pm sent - will take one and donate to forum

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:clap:alright!!! A donor!!!


Congrats! Pm sent

Congrats!! Pm sent! Thanks again for the help!

So many people interested. Sent PMs.
I will go by order first come first serve.
Thanks everyone

How come $7k? On the top of $5k lease cash they have $2k diesel cash rebate. Something new.:+1::grinning:

This was a great deal. Diesel and M Sport is a rare find :slight_smile:

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Is this still available?

Is this still available and can it be shipped? Iā€™m interested

PM sent. 202020

Hello i sent all PMs back
Thank You.

PM sent. Thanks again

Got it.

Pm sent thanks

Got one of them. Thanks for the tip!

$168 monthly
$1,392 DAS


WOW. Enjoy!!! Did You have OL and grad?

OL and loyalty

OK. Nice :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Sign up here and get additional $500

That dealer has two new units 2018 328d but You guys on Your own with negotiations
Good luck