Up to $7500 incentive on certain 2022 Audis for the month of October 2022

Audi is currently offering incentives of up $7500 for leasing or financing certain new 2022 models for the month of October. Here is the breakdown:

  • $750 off on the A4
  • $2000 off on the A6
  • $7500 off on the A8 or S8

For more info, go to https://www.audioffers.com/.

Fyi - I am not affiliated with Audi or any broker. So if you have questions, google and the internet are your friend.


Incentives for November have increased.

  • $1,000 off 2022 A4
  • $3,000 off 2022 A6
  • $10,000 off 2022 A8 or S8


Anyone score any deals on either the A8 or S8 lately? I’ve seen some brokers advertise 5% off MSRP plus the $10k rebate. Too bad the RV is in the low 50s making the lease still pricey.

EDIT: If you have Penfed, it is $2k this month for the A8 and S8.

What are you seeing for effective payments on the A8’s when playing with numbers?

These are nice cars, but dang they are looooooong.

The deal below is on a $98k A8L from @OffStickerPrice.com. Payment is about $1200/month with about $3400 DAS.

Yeah, I would agree that it is still a pricey lease. That is after a wad of cash is thrown on top of the sales discount.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional incentives offered by AFS next month to clear out any remaining inventory.

There’s a $10k credit on 2022 A8’s. I have 1 left. Vesuvius grey on black. $94k. Lease will still be over $1200/mo plus tax and fees tho.

its the residual – might as well get the range rover in that price range –

Also $4k on 2022 SQ5. But the MF is jacked up

This is now $12500 for this month


The lease still sucks on the A8. IMO, it is better to finance one if you have the cash.

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