Unused miles bmw

My MIL bought extra miles (tons) on her lease. Now due to changes to her daily commute and pandemic she has a good chunk left over.
So, will BMW reimburse her for the unused miles? What are the rules for purchased miles?
Thank you

I believe if you setup the lease for 15k/yr, that the pre purchased miles over the 15k would be refunded, I could be wrong though.

I know of the chunk refunds, with. When the answer’s finalized I’ll add it to the wiki.

Percent of Contractual Miles not Utilized

Credit Offered for Unused Mileage

That’s not for purchased mileage, but mileage under the original terms.

OP would have to call BMWFS for the final say.

Yeah, that’s what I was referring to, when we get the final answer from OP, I’ll add it to the wiki.

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It’s basically a trivial amount of money you get back

Use up some more miles or just be happy with any gas, maintenance and insurance you’ve saved.

Well the contract says “receive credit at the rate of $0.23 per mile, which will be applied against any remaining obligations owed”.
Well she paid all her obligations, so what now?
We sent an email out to BMW financial, will see.

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