Unresponsive BMW Dealer

I’m the BMW car salesmen I’m trying to negotiate is not returning my calls and I have to bother her in order to get a quote. She told me that she will beat a competing price but she “wouldn’t make money on it”. However I have been waiting 2 days for it. I called her at her desk and she told me that she is “with clients”. Should I escalate it to her manager?

You are in SoCal. There are so many dealers here, why are you so persistent on giving your money to a dealer who is unresponsive?

I’m looking for a specific color and options. She told me a lower price than the last dealer but is dragging her feet to give it to me in writing.

Find another one, i did that on my last purchase and when the salesman called me back, I told him to transfer me to his manager and told him I got the car from a dealership because his salesman is unresponsive. Guess what, I got lumtiole calls and emails afterward and even ask me for a review of my experience. The manager apologize and was given free car wash for life. I didnt took the bait and write a review on what happened. I didn’t get mad but I made aure his manager know what he did and what they missed coz I leased 2 of the same car.

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@dotmike24 it’s a nice way of shoving it to the sales person but not helpful to @indiraider.

I personally won’t go out of my way to get someone in trouble just out of spite but that’s just me.

@indiraider As for what to do in your case, you have a few options:

if this dealership is part of a dealership chain such as Penske or Sonic, you can go and call a nearby dealer who is part of that chain who could dealer trade the car and you can deal with someone at that dealer instead.

Talk to the manager and tell him that you’re not being attended to in a timely manner and ask him if they’re not interested in your business and let him decide. You can be a little aggressive here or act “upset”.

There are so many dealerships in SoCal, call around and see if someone else has that color combo. I can’t imagine it’s that rare.

Yeah, i wasn’t upset at and I even forgot them, but when he lesrned I got 2 cars from a different delearship with the same type of car that they have on stock, all of sudden they called and email me including their general manager. I didn’t fully shove it to their ass, but I want to teach the salesman a lesson. Treat everyone equal, you don’t know who comes knocking at your door.

Try Valencia BMW and Pacific BMW and southbay BMW, i get quotes from them over the email. Laid out in black and white especially you layout how you want your deal, MF, RV, MSD, discount, inventives, Drive off. Don’t just ask how much is it to lease. They’ll give you the if you put the standard $2k,$3k,$4k down and just the monthly payment. Lol. Goodluck!!

@indiraider - from my experience, some sales people are just really terrible in telling you when they are out of the office or taking a vacation.

I had the same experience in Maryland. After numerous calls and voice mails he finally called and said my car had been ordered. I’ve been trying to call and get the VIN or production number so I can track it and no one is returning my calls smh