Unicorn designation

Think we may need a barometer for Unicorns. The term is starting to be used a little too loosely


12 - 15.99 = CLYDESDALE
9 - 11.99 = THOROUGHBRED
< 8.99 = MULE

20 = PEGASUS (why not?)

<5=beating a dead horse


Considering giraffes…well…are giraffes (and even have horns) and narwhals exist, I truly don’t think unicorns are that “unbelievable.”

Pegasus is a different story.

Oh don’t worry, we’ll call out anyone with a bogus unicorn, no threshold necessary

If you have time on your hands, maybe you can help someone hack a unicorn.

Labeling LH scores or debating “unicorn” definitions is just asinine. Eg a score of 16 is just around 0.5% of MSRP per month. Depending on the programs that can be widely replicable as we just saw last month.

Nah, anything less than 16 = ass

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