Understanding Lease details and Leadhackr Calculator

I am trying to plugin the numbers I am getting from dealers and having a hard time trying to match them up.
The quotes I see from the dealer doesnt seem to show
Dealer fees, Acquistion fees, govt fees or taxes.
I asked one dealer specifically and he mentioned that the vehicle price included those - is that true?
All I can see in the quoted vehicle price is the price of car + destination fees
is destination fees == Dealer fees, Acquistion fees, govt fees
How should I calculate those in the absence of getting them from the dealer (In CA) ?

Dealer doc fees in CA are capped at $85
You can estimate gov fees in CA as 1.5% of MSRP
Taxes are based on your zip code’s sales tax rate
Acquisition fees vary by model/brand

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and all those are independent of destination charges - correct
and all those needs to be added up while coming up with the lease monthly- correct?

Destination charge is included in the msrp and has no business being itemized in an offer.

Yes, you need all those plugged in to the lease calculator.

This might help:

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