Understanding GM Incentives

Ok, I have broached this specific question before within a post but I wanted to quadruple check as today is the last day of December incentives for GMC and Chevrolet. I have a tentative deal in place but I want to make sure I have the incentives correct before signing…in a matter of a few hours.

I am asking this yet again as while I feel the dealer I’m working with has generally been forthright their figures haven’t always been precise from 1 email to the next. I know folks here say that the dealer will always tell you ALL the incentives you qualify for without hesitation but I’ve never actually been disclosed that info ever while working a deal without pushing hard…and even then I’ve been fed incorrect (lower) amounts almost every time. Heck the local MB dealer keeps telling me they can’t use my USAA offer code on top of a dealer discount at all. Anyway…

Below are 2 vehicles I have tentative deals on, and per the dealers website, word for word these are the incentives available. I am a current GMC lessee.

*Question 1) On 2019 Blazer, can you stack Customer Cash and/or Select Market Competitive Cash on top of Lessee Loyalty?
Current GM Lessee Loyalty Cash Allowance $1,750
Customer Cash $1,000
Select Market Competitive Cash - $1,000

*Question 2) On 2020 Traverse, same question?
Current GM Lessee Loyalty Cash - $2,000
Customer Cash $2,000
Select Market Bonus Cash $750

Yes, the lease loyalty is considered a private offer, though, and you are only allowed one private offer per deal.

That loyalty cash is probably lease loyalty for retail which means you’re buying the Traverse, not leasing. Its only $1500 for a lease. I’m considering the same thing.

Thanks for the reply.

The dealer finally got back to me late last night with their verbiage and ofcourse I was wrong with my assumption too. Their verbiage doesn’t match Autobytel or the Chevy website…so frustrating and confusing.

On a 2019 Blazer, per the dealer I qualify for what is shown below and the figures are flip-flopped for the 2020 Traverse:
-$1000 GM Select Market Incremental CCR Program
-$750 GM lease loyalty program

Hey Guys,
I just got this in the mail. Just curious if there is any way to confirm what, if any, additional incentives I can stack on this? I am in a '17 Acadia lease currently and would like to get into another one. January MF/Residuals are BAD and per Edmunds the only offer is a $500 “incentive” but I want to see if it’s worth investigating with this cash allowance.
Thanks for your time and feedback.

Side note: In my area (Northern Colorado) GMC dealers have been VERY hard to deal with, hard to get ANY discount off MSRP before incentives and hard to get them to disclose incentives etc.

Acadias seem to lease sucky right now. I think you need to target a demo and aggressive dealer.

The $2,500 is an additional incentive if you have a current GM lease as you got that mailer. You can stack with any other public incentive such as the regional lease cash which seems to be $500 in your area as you say.

The exception would be that loyalty lease rebates don’t stack with Competitor lease rebates. In other words one or the other but not both.