Unavailable - 2017 Jaguar

No longer available.

Upload some pictures you will get a lot of interest also add the transfer fee cost and how many miles per month remaining great looking car btw

Meant to PM. Pm sent.

Ah! Awesome deal that I would jump on had it not been for drive-offs :(.

25*$400 = $10,000 + $2500 + ~$550 in transfer fee’s = $520/mo – a bit higher than my budget.

Thanks for posting!

@AncoraImparo if you get desperate to get rid of this and will accept just the lease transfer with no payment made to you, I’d be interested.

Thanks for the interest Jon! Desperation is definitely not the case here, just gauging interest as i’m kind of over the car and looking to get into something bigger. If someone meets my requirements, I may be OK with letting it go. If not, i’ll continue to enjoy the car. Thanks again!

No problem. Good luck. :+1:

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Very attractive offer, you will definitely find a buyer who is not a hackr to take over the lease.

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Good luck on your search for something within your budget :slight_smile:

I might be interested in this, do you have some photos of the car and the original window sticker?

Yes, send me a Pm with your contact info.

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Nice MPG! My 08 Audi gets just about the same, but it’s a 4cyl :laughing:

Good luck if you go through with transfer.

My future GX (hoping to pick it up Saturday) gets 15/18, is an 8 cylinder and has 40 less hp

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Might be interested in this, please PM or post pics here. I need a daily, putting too many miles on the i8.

PM sent. thanks @alwayzLi8

Man I’m looking forward to the mandatory backup cameras starting next year. I would have bit so many times on the F-Type if not for that.

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How much drive offs did you put for this deal?

100% Agree ------------

Interesting you mention that as this Jaguar is 6 cyl