Uber/Lyft instead of new lease

The lease on my Audi A4 is up in November. My wife and I are both now retired, and rarely use both cars at the same time. She has a 2012 Camry with only 65,000 miles, which should last many more years with low maintenance costs.

I am considering trying going without a second car when I turn in my Audi. I estimate I would have to take one or two short roundtrips (10 miles or less) a week by Uber/Lyft. This should be much cheaper than leasing a new car.

Has anyone else done this, and if so, how did it work out?

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My brother-in-law did it in LA with two kids–his wife has a minivan. He bikes, scooters, lyfts, ubers, etc and seems to work out fine. My retired parents get by with one car too…any conflicts on the calendar are resolved by lyft/uber (and probably less than 1x/mo).

So many options today. If you have a lot going on, and Uber becomes a pain, rent a car on Turo for a week. You want a convertible for an extended summer road trip, Swapalease for 6 months, etc, etc, etc.


Not having a vehicle to use at a moment’s notice would drive me crazy.

About 5 years ago I was faced with the choice to buy/lease something, use Uber 1-2 times a week, or rent a car a day/week at a time.

I tried the other two options, and in about three months we got another car. We bought a used Lexus SUV for around $18,000.

I’d never get one of these if I had to drive it every day, but my requirements were relatively few given how little the vehicle would be used.

But this isn’t about you.


I think the great thing about this situation is being retired gives you the flexibility to give it a try. Sounds like uber/lyft/rental should work. Plus if some crazy deal on a cheap lease comes along, you have the flexibility to jump on it. I’m still wondering what the long term sustainably of uber/lyft is, those companies are really taking advantage of drivers and still aren’t making money, at some point it’s going to implode.


This isn’t about you.

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But this isn’t about you

Then who was I talking about in the personal anecdote that I shared with OP, at OP’s request?

Lyft/uber at $1 a mile.

A decent car is around 6k a year with insurance etc …

So yeah, that’s a lot of uber miles. Go for it…

Thanks for all the comments. So I turned my A4 in yesterday, and for the first time in my adult life, I do not have my own car. So far so good. Driving my wife’s Camry has been ok so far, and we have a lot more room in the garage.

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Lyft has a $300 a month plan, depending on your region, where you have 45 or so short rides free. It may have some higher or lower tiers too but do check it out.

Pretty much a cheap lease equivalent…but at least is a month to month.

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We both retired 5 years ago and went down to one car. Nice savings. No regrets.


Yes and no. I have friends who have it. It works well in cities downtown areas like SF etc, where most people hop for short distances, parking is expensive or very constrained, and you don’t go use it more than 1-2 times a day. Like I said, may work well for a retiree.

For the agile people I would also suggest checking out an electric unicycle, they are lots of fun. I commute everyday to work in one.

If I were that agile, I might check out the new Supra. I sat in one, and it was hard to get out without banging my head on the frame.

I guess it depends if you prefer being a driver or being a passenger. For some people being a passenger is a plus so they can relax and play with their phones at the back seat. I rather drive myself because I can’t stand other people driving, especially the horrible uber drivers.

Check out the specs on a Tesla Model 3 sleeper for $50K.

0-60 in 3.5 seconds, where as the Supra is 4.1 seconds.
There is a facebook group that makes it easier to get a sleeper:
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Thanks for the recommendation! I’m Dave and I run it, if you guys have Tesla questions feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow… we now have official Tesla presence on this forum

Try it…worst thing that happens is after a week or two it’s not for you…you can always rent a car or buy a new one!