Uber driver discounts

If anyone is an uber driver, have you been able to combine any uber discount with a lease deal? I know for the chevy traverse, it says 4000k discount and the chrysler 300 is a 6000k discount, i am sure these are for purchase only, but has anyone given it a try?

Once i narrow down my choices, i will email some dealers these discounts and see what they say

Interesting. I will assume you mean $4k off.

That is insane discount. Can it be stacked with other incentives?

a lease would see a poor fit for real uber usage, because you’d rack up too many miles.

So i’m doubtful. But man that would be a sweet deal wouldn’t it?

You do not have to be an uber driver, just sign up and do not have to take trips. But seriously can you provide additional info please?

The program offers would-be drivers a three-year lease on an Uber-approved car for a $250 fee plus weekly payments deducted from their pay. Xchange provides unlimited miles, maintenance and allows drivers to get out of the lease after 30 days, with two-week’s notice.


Here is the pdf from the uber discount page, hopefully it can be opened

I was trying to look into this as well last month and faced a few issues before giving up:

  1. Some dealers told me they don’t even participate
  2. “Older” model years - I couldn’t find many 2016 Traverse’s or 2016 Town & Country’s in stock
  3. For the models I did find, there were no/limited manufacturer’s incentives/rebates, so effectively, I could buy a 2017 Traverse with $3-4k in rebates (including lease conquest) OR a 2016 Traverse with a $4k discount (no consumer cash, etc.)

I did NOT get an answer on if this could be applied to a lease though - the dealers I asked didn’t seem to have much experience or just wanted me to buy instead so wouldn’t give a straight answer.

Yikes over 450 a month for a 4 year old corolla? Then again, no mileage caps.