UAW on strike starting tonight

Going on strike at GM factories starting tonight. Best avoid leasing buying any cars from GM made this quarter. Who knows what nuts and bolts could be “forgotten” or left loose by the disgruntled employees?


No worries, I tend to avoid GM cars made any quarter


The 99 buick encore and 49 cruze were probably deals that could have overcome by phobia of sabotage… So when is the 3k asian conquest coming back?


Unions are going to bring down that company


As soon as they figure out how many bolt we’re forgotten:)

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The unions own that company. That much was made clear during the bankruptcy and restructuring,


Relatively shocked at the deal the UAW turned down. GM’s offer was very strong IMHO.
According to GM Authority:
“One of the more interesting parts of the proposed deal, however, was GM’s promise to bring production of its new electric pickup truck to the United States and set up the first dedicated, union-represented battery cell manufacturing plant in the U.S. Those familiar with GM’s plans say it wanted to build the new electric pickup truck at Hamtramck, while battery cell production would head to Lordstown.”

From GM:

  • Wage or lump sum increases in all four years
  • Improved Profit Sharing Formula
  • Ratification Payment of $8,000
  • Retain nationally leading health care benefits
  • New coverage for autism therapy care, chiropractic care and allergy testing
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8k bonus payment? On top of raises? Does not sound bad and keeps work in the US and their coworkers employed. Trump about to tweet his displeasure.

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That is why USA will lose the trade war. In the USA, workers were promised 8k, profit share and they still went on strike. In China, the workers are promised not to be beaten and gassed more than twice a day.

Ps Nice news about electric pickup


I am curious why you were shocked? When have the unions ever shown themselves to behave in a reasonable fashion? This isn’t the first excellent offer they have turned down and it won’t be the last.


When Obama shoved GM and Chrysler bankruptcy down their throats and fast tracking in few months.
They were fairly quick.
But then I like the example of Twinkle manufacturers going BK over all those hundreds of unions they could not reorganize.

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I was gonna mention something like this last night. Hostess went to the union with proposals and let them know that the company would have to shut down without these changes, and they were perfectly fine with that happening. I get that nobody wants to take a haircut in situations like these, but how did anyone benefit in that situation? My brother in law works with steelworkers in a management capacity and some of the things I’ve heard are hilarious. They turned down a proposal once that had some pretty good things for them (at least from his telling) because they had to give up having their birthday off in return.

I had seen that imported brands charge way less and do not have unionized factories like the domestic brands do. Yet, they require the same skilled labor.

What this tells me is there is a market of skilled employees in the US willing to do the work for far less than what the UAW is demanding. The UAW is risking the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Americans when they had it pretty good (compared to the imported brands factories).



As gar as I remember BMW in Germany is a union shop. But I have not heard them striking yearly.
So as UPS.
Most of the strikes in the news that I see are always GM, Ford and Chrysler somehow.

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Need those dues to go to their favorite politician. Plus why not wreak havoc a bit. It is election season. Got to rile up the bad people of Michigan, Ohio, for voting the wrong way and make sure they vote correct this time around. Perfect strategy actually. Got to love politicians. Nothing matters other than their power.

Is there an article that can provide an unbiased analysis on how far off they are and are all members in favor of this?

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Oh please…not buying that argument…this is just a tradition.

I’m split on this subject. I definitely do not support getting rid of unions but there has to be a middle ground here…during hard times both sides have to make compromises.

At this point unions are bigger then some of the companies they negotiate with. Their est. annual revenue is 325 MM. They are embroiled in corruption scandals for the past year and charge around 1,600 for union dues per month. How can they possibly be the answer for auto workers? They sound great in theory but at this point how much of the auto workers voices are being heard?


Just a theory. Seeing politics from 2016 and on has proven to me that nothing is truly a conspiracy theory. Just a bunch of politicians that feed from the dues of these unions. Despicable.

Worst possible timing for these negotiations for UAW given their recent ‘issues’. Pretty difficult to play hard ball when you’re making headlines for senior staff going to jail for corruption. GM’s offer was decent (considering the current market) and should’ve been given better consideration.

I’m also conflicted here. I absolutely support unions and collective bargaining, but being in a union role myself (albeit non-contributory) and experiencing first hand, the level of difficulty I have in just trying to get on with my job (not allowed a cell phone or laptop despite my team being based in various locations & needing to travel between sites) is stupid as is the insane level of laziness I see other ‘lifers’ get away with daily.

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I heard on cable news this morning, that one of the other sticking points was having to pay 4% of their medical insurance. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: I wish I only had to contribute 4% of the cost.

With my employer for family coverage, I’m out of pocket over $15k before seeing a nickel in payment. That’s based on my portion of the insurance premium, and the huge individual / family deductibles.