Truecar Bonus Cash. Paid by Dealership or Manufacturer?

Im closing in on a Deal for a Ram 1500 with a couple of Ram Bonus Cash offers. Can I stack the truecar discount on this too? And who actually covers this from truecar?

What bonus cash offers. Do share. I’m taking delivery any day now.

Manufacturer. But there’s a long list of disclaimers and exclusions. For example I doubt it can be used with affiliate.

@kennydavis what other bonus cash offers other than Ram Incentives are available? I know of the $1,000 Ram voucher and $500 True Car.

Is there something else I’m missing?

Go to the actual ram website do a shop online search where you want to buy then find that dealership and pick any truck and select to start the buying process and enter your zip it will show what incentives are available. You can do any dealership incentives are all determined by the zip you are registering the car at.

Thanks. I knew that. I thought you meant other bonus vouchers out there.

I appreciate the response.

You get an extra $500 off if you initiate the sale through the main Ram site.

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@kennydavis were you able to use both the Ram voucher and TrueCar voucher on your lease?

I still haven’t pulled the trigger on anything.

Ended up getting a Tacoma SR5. One pay lease just over $8400 30/12k
Effectivley $281 month Incl WA state tax. Too good of a deal to pass up.


Looks great. For some reason I always thought the SR5 had black primed bumpers and came with steelies. This looks really nice.


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That’s the SR.

Nice deal OP.

I did a one pay on a SR in October. Flipped to Carmax in December for $4200 over one pay amount.


No its the sr5 SR is more basic without color matched bumper and trim.

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I know yours is an SR5. I was responding to @TheBigTuna regarding the steelies

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You have me curious. I’m going to price out the truck on Carmax now.

That was December 21. But was great for me. We needed a small truck for a couple months. Put 5,000 miles on it in about 12 weeks and got paid $4k+ to do so.

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