True Leasing Costs - in addition to monthly payments

Hi everyone, I am researching future leases and was wondering what is the “true cost” outside of negotiated price. Am I missing anything in this list?

payments and disposition fee
Maintenance - do most leases include this? If not, isn’t it just an oil change once or twice a year because the mileage probably won’t exceed 30-36k?

Tires - do they expect brand new tires to be on the car on lease return? after 30k miles what if there is not much life on tires? If the tires are completely gone, would you recommend buying a used set of OEM tires just to throw on so you don’t get dinged

minor wear - Do you get leeway if there are some rock chips or minor scratches on the car?

A disposition fee is standard. You can buy optional maintenance packages and excess wear and tear. Often times these things are included in the lease contract. I picked up both of them with my last lease. Small scratches are to be expected – you’ll know if something is bad enough that it no longer qualifies as regular wear and tear.

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All these questions are brand dependent, you have to look over the terms of your contract carefully. However, generally maintenance is not included, you have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations how to maintain your leased car. In 36 months, expect to change oil a few times, rotate tires, change cabin filter, wiper blades etc. Keep records of everything, even if performing them yourself.

You have to return car with matching tires, and with acceptable thread. How much thread will be mentioned in the contract.

Some brands allow minor chips and dents, some give a specific $ allowance.

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My advice, really weigh the cost/monthly between a 24 vs 36 month lease. I typically prefer 24 months. Yes, you will usually pay a bit more monthly, and also have the added registration and disposition fee’s more frequently. However, under 24k miles you can usually get by without needing tires which offsets those costs. Plus you get a newer vehicle a year earlier. If I can get into a 24 month lease, vs a 36 or 39 for under $50-$75 or so more per month, it’s worth it. Tires can be costly, and normal wear & tear (seats/paint/engine bay) really starts to peak it’s head around 30K miles.

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thanks everyone. I have a garage so would probably be able to keep it nice but of course it would obtain a little wear while driving. the cars I have been considering (F-type, etc) probably wouldn’t get 100k+ miles out of a tire like my old Mazda… lol

potentially higher insurance cost as the lender will require you to keep a certain level of coverage. If you owned a car you can elect to keep cheaper insurance with less coverage.