Truck to buy in case of alien invasion

I’m thinking a 4runner, or tacoma, or F-150 with V8.

What do yall think?

Honestly. Something carbureted or that at least isn’t electronically fuel injected.


Something that doesn’t need GAS to run, as if there is such a thing, we will have no infrastructure.

Pedal Power forever!

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FIsker Ocean with solar top?

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I once heard of a wood burning Ford ranger up in the sticks of Oregon.

Steam cares not about EMP’s.

More like an EV Ranger with a nice solar array to charge it each day.

Or A Kandi 32?


You guys sure let these balloons live rent free in your head


The spy balloon was no big deal. But a cylindrical object that is moving without any propulsion and shatters when it hits the sea is definitely not a balloon. :astonished:

A Land Cruiser of your favorite vintage is the only answer but then again I am biased.


Off-road magazines have already researched this quite a few times, and the Land Cruiser comes out on top every time, whether it’s an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse

whichever one I can steal from the closest dealer

Just get a Sherp. It goes everywhere.

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Lada Nivea.


Can even run on vodka and piss when gasoline runs out.


Isn’t this where you would usually vote in Jalopnik’s favor? Who can imagine the end-times driving anything but a Delica 4wd?

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Like some sort of broken galactic clock, Jalopnik will be right once a millennium.

But TBF who wants to run to some stinky bunker to live like roaches?

Epic coke-fueled orgy in a Delica while everything burns or GTFO.


One of those off-road RV’s, like this:

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FJ cruiser

First Gen Sequoia.