Trouble Getting Payoff on Prepaid Lease (GM Financial)

We are struggling to get the payoff for the dealer for GM financial on my dads GMC Canyon lease. He one payed the lease but GM financial is only giving the payoff including the remaining payments even though they were paid the day of the lease. (I think they just add them to the system each month instead of all at once)

I call GM and they are all clueless… Any ideas?

It should be your residual less any pre paid interest.

Thats what i told them but the dealer wont give it to me because GM financial is only telling them the wrong payoff. And everyone i call has no idea what a pre pay even is

I would go higher and higher (manager) at GM financial until you get an answer. Someone has to know. Maybe one of the Chevy dealers on here can help you.

yea, they say “check your bill”, we don’t get any bills (+ with the changes to gmf’s web page, it now shows a bill for me, which I’m ignoring)