#trophy_garage window decal

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Pardon the interruption. We are doing a flash, mini fundraising with the long-awaited #trophy_garage window decals! Only 20 available and discounted for the first batch. Not sure when the next batch will be coming because @michael and I spend a lot more time building the community online than offline, but will try to allocate some time on offline development if the will to show support for the Leasehackr community offline is high. Get the sticker while supply lasts and before our @ursus bear moves this to off-topic landfill.


I tried to get in the first 20 @littleviolette …are you sold out? The order form says “Select a shipping option to continue” but no options are available.

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Same here @littleviolette

You need to define shipping option and fees in Squarespace shop, I think.

Yep won’t let me to select shipping…

Apologies! Just added the shipping option – free.

Can the decal be residualized?


OK I think it is better make the post its own thread; otherwise we will soon fill the #trophy_garage thread with comments and the bear would get angry.


Sweet! I just got my order completed.

Super easy with Apple Pay on the Air. 1 finger print ID touch and everything( payment/shipping/etc…) was completed. No data entry. I wish buying everything on the internet was so straightforward.

Thanks @littleviolette and @Michael for all you do and have done in the past and future for the community.

Look for a swap post on the sticker coming up in a few weeks when it arrives :wink:


Awesome - just ordered mine. Paypal redirecting back to Squarespace failed on my phone, so I finished the order successfully on my computer. Love it!

Thanks @michael and @littleviolette.
Happy to get one for my $188 340 that was not possible without this place.

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I’ll be enjoying the 125 HP boost this sticker provides on my ES!



omg yasssssssss

I thought it was only 30HP :muscle:t3::oncoming_automobile:

I promised to get my XC60 dyno’ed after the Polestar upgrade. I’ll wait until the sticker arrives and do it before/after applying.

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Put the sticker on while on the dyno. It’s akin to activating the flux capacitor.

Edit: Will there be a Trophy Garage for rides with the sticker?


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I cannot be trusted to time travel and not tinker with history in a way that won’t cause a paradox.

New rule: only rides with #trophy_garage stickers allowed to post in TG :tipping_hand_man:t2::zap:


The bear gets angry over anything.


Got mine! Thank you!
@littleviolette - would be nice to have magnetic decal. I’m not sure it would be visible on rear tinted window

Do you mean magnets or removable clear stickers for windows?

To be honest - no preference but something to place on the outside of the car. Wife has QX60 where rear window is tinted so if I place this decal inside i don’t think it would be highly visible.

Actually come to think more about it, magnetic decal would be preferred.
It would be easier to transfer from one car to another in case of an early swap or lease return.

Got one!
I haven’t hacked a car yet but I’m glad for the knowledge I gained by reading the posts on this forum.

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