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I’ll take that 330e off your hands! :smiley:

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Don’t tempt me!


Finally getting around to listing my 2018 X2 M-sport deal from last year. Below $350/month with only $1,500 DAS and no msds. Msrp of a shade below $50k - very highly equipped. Please do not post on the Gram.

Lease transfer BMW X2, msport tech >$350 MSRP $50k

Looks gramtastic


Leased in Jan 2018. 2017 XF 35t Premium AWD (new)
63k msrp, $ 873 DAS, $481 monthly including NJ tax. 10k/39 months


2018 Leaf SV
$33,375 MSRP
$29,000 selling price w VPP
Rebates: $8850
Pre-tax payment: $332
$0 DAS


2018 C300 4Matic (demo)
MSRP - $49,075
$318/month including 3-year PPM and 7.1% tax.
1st month’s payment DAS. Leased out of state, so I have to pay for registration. So approx. $520 out of pocket. (1st month’s payment and registration)

SIGNED! 2018 C300 4Matic Sedan (demo)

Excellent deal for the Denver market!


beautiful car and amazing deal

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LOVE the red seats…one of my favorite colors. Interesting rims too, I’ve never seen those before.

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$438/mo for 36 months, $438 DAS


Mmm very nice! Love the new S60. Interested in the details of how the lease came together.

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IFinally pulled the trigger yesterday on a 2019 Kia Stinger GT1.

Did I do well for a $50,000 car? Not at all.
Did I do well for a $50,000 car that notoriously leases poorly? I think I did alright.

MSRP: $48,840
Incentives: $4,100
Term: 39 Months
Miles: 10K
DAS: 1st Month Payment
Monthly: $500.97
Monthly w/ $542.87

This has been a 6-Month search for me, after nearly pulling the trigger on a Giulia Ti Sport, and putting a deposit down on a 2013 Audi S6. Through this process, I learned Colorado Dealers in general are just not as aggressive as what you can find on either coast. Called the highest volume Kia dealer in the state at 1PM and told them if they hit my number and I’ll be in at 6:30. Arrived at 6:30 and was out by 7:05PM. I suspect they could negotiate a bit more on the one I got as they’ve had it since October and haven’t sold it because it has summer tires (in the dead of winter in Colorado).


Enjoy the car. Well done. And skipping the 6-year-old German performance car was the best move ever.

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Thanks. I’m coming from a 2011 Audi S4 which has been reliable so I figured the S6 would just be like a grown up version…based off my spreadsheets (compared the Stinger and S6 from all-in costs and adjusted for Realistic, Ideal, and Catastrophic) the Audi made more financial sense in both the Realistic and Ideal scenario, but blew the Kia out of the water for Catastrophic. It was a 2013 with just under 49K, and I realized there was about a 60% chance of a turbo failure over the next 15K (heavily documented issue with the 2013 S6), which would have cost $12,000 and at least 2-3 weeks in the shop. It was enough to scare me away (along with $700 brake pads).


Really good looking car

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Awesome happy family member with a 2018 X5e

Thanks to @LeaseHero for a perfectly smooth experience

$76k MSRP
$2k DAS
$730/month plus tax
No loyalty


It was a pleasure serving you! Smooth on both ends!

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…That’s what she said.