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edited my post: $2600 DAS(1350 MSD + Fees + 1st month), for 10k miles


Porsche Macan Sport Edition 2018

**MSRP: $66540
**Selling Price: $60700
**Monthly Payment: $*879.82
**Cash Due at Signing: $1223.87 (First monthly + Registration)

**Months:**39 months
**Annual Mileage:**10,000
MF: 0.0020
Residual: 56% or 57% I believe

Region: NYC Tax: 8.825% something

The sport edition has 20 in spyder wheels sport exhaust system, sport chrono package, sport quad exhausts, NAV, Apple Carplay, Wifi connect as standard.

Options: Premium Plus pack that gives Bose surround system, 14 ways memory seat, Automatic Sunroof.
Logo painted black, heated steering wheel, lane change assist, aluminum interior trim.

Pretty happy with the 9% discount for the recently arrived car and especially for porsche. This is one of a kind car that had logo painted black., hard to find one since it looks like GTS without red caliper and logo delete. Porsche doesn’t lease well though.,IMG-1930IMG-1929macan


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While I don’t think it’s the best payment considering a new one is around the corner, and it’s a non S, as long as your happy then who cares. It looks great, and enjoy in good health. Love those wheels


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2018 VW Tiguan S FWD
:hot_pepper: Habanero Orange :hot_pepper: - of course!

$26,260 MSRP 36 months/10k miles
$244.25 per month including tax
$0 driveaway

Atlanta, GA

Benedetto the Broker; Operate in all of the lower 48 states
2018 VW Tiguan S - Midwest - Suggestions?

My second lease in the last 3 months; this one for the Mrs. I know Land Rovers don’t lease very well, but I’m happy with how I made out on this. Tried it on my own and couldn’t get it done; contacted a broker who was recommended to me by another forumite on here and he was able to punch it across the finish line, even though he was in another state. He even got the dealer (more than 100mi away) to deliver to my home.

2018 Range Rover Velar P250 SE R-Dynamic
MSRP - $67k
Selling price - $63k
1st mo + registration + doc fee + acq fee DAS
Pre-tax Monthly payment - $699/mo

Wife is pleased. Happy wife, happy life.

New 2018 Range Rover Velar P380($70,700 MSRP) $674/month + tax, 2k drive off. (So Cal) 12k/36months

The Golden formula my friend! Never fails. Congrats on a happy life and of course a great deal !


Our baby mover RX 450h, pretty well optioned with MSRP at $55,375. Monthly payment for 12k miles a year and including 7.5% tax is $463 with only 1st month and 8 MSDs due at signing. Let’s see how long I get to keep my Miata now that we have a baby :slight_smile:

Rx350 fully loaded

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Typical QX60 deal… $406 Monthly (includes 6% tax) with zero down, 3 MSDs ($1350) for 39 months with 12K annual miles. $52,310 MSRP. Drives great, very comfy and quiet ride.


Congrats! Love the color combo.


e300 4matic P1 - ex-loaner - 7,3xx miles - NJ
MSRP: $60,xxx msrp
Selling: 47,xxx (22% off including $1,500 fleet)
MF: .00101 (.00031 with 10 MSDs $5K)
Term: 36/10k, RV: 56.5%
Monthly: $400/month ($425/month w/ 6.6% NJ TAX) includes 2yr PPmaintenance). $2200 drive off
Leasehackr Score: 12.3yr. Total 3 year cost: A little less than $17K


2018 Dodge Charger ScatPack 392
MSRP 45220
Sale price 34088

RV 61%
Drive offs $500
$410 including tax


No way ! You got it ! Congrats !!!


Thanks Mani i was at a red light today i guy asked was it a Hellcat i wish lol.


2018 GLS550 in SoCal. Its an old school design, due for a refresh, but that V8 has a kick.
Term: 36/12K
MSRP: $100,355
Sales Price: $90,138
$0 down
RV: 51%
MF: 0.00140 (0.00070 after 10 MSDs)
DAS: $16,702 ($14,500 MSDs + 1st month + DMV)
Monthly: $1308 (includes 7.75% sales tax + 3 year maintenance)


Finally Pulled the trigger. Signed last day of the month 7/31/2018
2018 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring W/Premium Package
Roof Rails
Rear bumper protector
Wheel locks
32815.00 MSRP
28797.00 Selling price
325.00 Month Tax included
325.00 DAS (1st month)
12K mileage
0.00001 MF
59% Residual

Took 2 months to finally get this deal. Overall happy with the deal. Mazda typically does not discount much and I got 12% off. Wife is happy its done and just 3 short years till we get to do it all again!


2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 5.7L V8 TSS w/FFV Special Edition Truck CrewMax $48,459 MSRP

MSRP: $47972
Selling Price: $41901
Monthly Payment: $300 (including tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $0
MSD: .0
Incentives: $2500 mfg rebate + $2000 mfg rebate on trim

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00175 USBank
Residual: 80%

$300 sign & drive 24/12 with wheel & tire package, excess wear and tear coverage, gap insurance and first months payment.