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2018 Audi S5 Prestige.
+S Sport Package
+Dynamic Steering
+Driver Assistance Package
+19" Wheel Package

MSRP $68300. $807/month (including taxes and AudiCare)

2018 Audi S5 Coupe - How does this look to you guys?
2018 Audi S5 SB

drivers assistance is so useful. Beautiful car!


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You keep deleting my comments and I’m gonna come find you


TROPHY GARAGE is only for posting YOUR TROPHY and deal details. Any questions related to the posters trophy, PM them.


Go read them in Landfill.


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It’s an open topic now.


can you give us some info on your deal thx


It is literally in the second post below.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport Q4

Misano Blue

MSRP 47690
Selling Price 40536 (15% off before incentive of 2750)

$478 per month with nothing due at signing. love the car but got a paint chip in hood already - not sure if picked up on 400 mile trip back or just a factory defect lol but hopefully dr.colorchip works



Congrats - nice car

how many miles?
length of lease?


lease is 24 months. I got 10k per year but added the ally smartlease so I really have 11k plus added tire wear and other protection


Long time reader of the forums and here are my winnings…

2016 BMW 650i Convertible (leased in August 2016). Manufacturer demo with 10k miles. I think this deal would be virtually impossible to replicate now.
List price: $103,650
Discount $26,832 (this was quoted initially, I got them down a bit more to get me to sub $700/month)
I swapped M-sport wheels for 20" powdercoated 373M wheels
$4900 MSD and NJ sales tax paid up front only (plus shipping cost from AZ to NJ)
$699.97 per month

2017 Chevrolet Equinox
10k miles - 24 month lease
$3950 singlepay

2018 BMW X5 (just leased on 7-3-18). Loaner car with 4500 miles and fender bender on the Carfax when it had +/- 500 miles.
MSRP approx $63k
Sale price approx $50k
$2k total DAS and $535/month including NJ sales tax, all fees and first month’s payment


Impressive especially the 6 series. Those wheels are fire.


2018 Xlt Sport 4x4 302a package. MSRP $52,XXX. $280 sign and drive 36/10k


That is a mean looking truck. Congrats!


Subaru Impreza Sport with Eyesight, Moonroof, Blind spot
MSRP $27,621 36/12k $250/month $250 DAS


Awesome deal! Can this deal be replicated?