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Can you dial down the firmness for daily driving? This was my big issue on the Giulia’s ride. Fantastically sporty, but really punishing for daily use.

Tint looks bomb with it

The one I have has the performance package which includes the adaptive suspension(and limited slip differential). I didn’t drive one without it, but I don’t think its bad in either firm or soft modes. Granted, my last few cars have had sports suspension or I’ve installed aftermarket coilover systems, so I’m used to rougher and sportier rides.

It is ceramic foil which blocks heat coming from the sun

Yeah I’m definitely spending more and going that route next time. Really tired of driving at night with really dark tint to get marginal benefit of having any kind of heat blockage during the day.

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I see what you did there, bear.

Thanks to @nyclife for this deal! Highly recommend Quentin for your broker needs :slightly_smiling_face:

2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe AWD w/ Essentials
$45.5k MSRP
$0 DAS
$3150 MSDS
~$303/month (all costs capped)
39 mo / 12k mi/yr
VPP discount included

Edit: Dealership error in your favor! Due to some error in structuring the deal/paperwork, the dealership reduced the monthly payments from $310 to $303.

Edit2: Dealership error #2…payment now down to $298. Basically paid off my broker fees :slight_smile:


Enjoy the new car!!!

Finally got my stelvio… here are the numbers-

Msrp- 53K+
Selling price- 43K+
Down payment- 3500+ (Dealer contribution)
Drive off- 900
Term- 2Yr/24 K
Monthly- 438 -23 payments … I added wear n tear which increased it from 398 … tried to negotiate but fin guy dint budge… anyway allybdoesnt have disposition fee so I consider it as money from there … also it gives me additional 2 K miles


I’ve never seen down payment from dealer contribution. Usually, dealer contribution is their discount off MsRP. Was the CCR actually from a rebate/incentive?

Surely, it would be… they dint mention anything separately and it was just mentioned as downpayment… and I went to pick the car straight from airport after 3 days of work travel and as final number was pre negotiated, dint think too much about the others

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These numbers don’t add up.


Not sure what you mean by that… it is what I have in my paperwork… anyway shared the known details with folks incase they plan to replicate… my two cents… msrp doesnt matter much for Stelvio unless its a base… for rest all, dealers seem open to drop payments to a certain range

2018 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum

MSRP: $61,095
Selling Price: $44,845
Monthly Payment: $292.00 +Tax
Down Payment: $0
Drive Offs: Registration and First Month
MSD: 10
Incentives:$5750 Volvo Allowance, $1500 Lease Cash, $3000 A-Plan Elite Bonus

Months: 24 Months
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00028
Residual: 64%

Zip Code: 91730
Leasehackr Score:16.6 Years
Pre-filled Calculator link:


Sweet deal ! Love those wheels !

Canyon Denali. 24/10k. One pay lease, nets to $211 a month


$340 before tax with only drive offs and MSDs for a t6 momentum with a $60,355 msrp on a 24/15k.


@mllcb42 Nice mjolk. :flushed: :joy:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ha!