Tree Sap Damage to Clear Coat on 2020 Rav4

I’m trying to get an idea of how much it costs to repair and protect the paint on my Magnetic Gray Metallic 2020 Rav4. I gave the car a wash yesterday, and noticed some damage to the hood likely from tree sap.

It’s minor damage to the clear coat, almost looks like soap spots, and you could only see them from up close. I looked into repairing myself, but thought it may be better to take it to a small shop instead.

Any idea what a fair price would be ? And what work I should look to get done?

I also came across this groupon deal, and thought be worth getting one of the services listed.


Hard to say what damage is done to it without any images. Regardless, you should be able to paint correct it.

I would first try to remove the “damage” with a clay bar too.

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The Groupon has 3.5 review. Consumer be aware.

Depends on how much of “perfection” you are looking for. If 99+%, take it to a well respected place.

In LA, I’d consider:

In SD, I’d go to:

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@Gearhead thanks! I tried getting a picture, but my iphone’s camera can’t capture it

@calbear , thanks for the recs!

Use hand sanitizer to remove the sap.

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@Tuang_Hoa, does that actually work? i saw a few posts online but wasnt sure. It won’t damage the paint ?

and @Gearhead , @Tuang_Hoa

What do you guys recommend to get done for a relatively new car like mine?

I want to protect the paint, but not looking to spend $500+ and new to it. I understand the basics like wax is a cheaper option, but usually wears off after a few weeks or a month or 2. and ceramic is more expensive but lasts much longer.

It won’t damage the paint coat. Just rub on the sap spot until it gone, then wash it off with water. I have tried bunch of other stuff except for hand sanitizer.

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thanks! i’ll give it a shot