TRD Pro Toyota 4Runner

Lime TRD Pro 4runner in transit at sticker, available to NYS only. PM if interested
Edit: 2 ppl in line already.


Theres plenty of dealers seeking at msrp!!!

And then adding $7k for lifetime car washes, tint, and door guard…

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Was gonna message him but it’s like 3k miles away! Still might be worth it. I’ll knock $500 off if you want it towards shipping!

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He was fine paying 64.5 for a used one a new one at 1.5 over no brainer :sunglasses:

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And white. One of the best Toyota colors imo with the black trim


23’ Solar octane 4Runner 4X4 at sticker ($56,xxx) NYS only. 2-3 month delivery . Pm if interested.