TRD Pro Toyota 4Runner

Girlfriend and I are getting a second car today and we’ve found a TRD Pro 4Runner in Lime Rush, Pre Owned 1100 Miles, $64,500.

We’re in Riverside, California/Los Angeles and have another appointment today to check out another TRD Pro that is coming in off the truck soon. Does anyone know of any college rebates/summer Sales Toyota is doing as of now, trying to chip off a couple hundred on this thing.

why not try to get a new one out of state for msrp? @Jrouleau426 has posted several within the last month
even after shipping you are going to be way ahead


I had two at msrp a week ago. Both sold. Brand new like 55k. Don’t rush it


The dealership we’re going to in an hour says they’re charging MSRP. I feel like it’s total bullshit seeing as I’m in Southern California and everyone is doing adjusted market rates… but I might get lucky like you said.

only dealership in so cal that will sell you a trd pro at sticker is longo…


Look around you will find one for msrp. I have a 2021 for msrp but it took me sometime to find incoming unit.


We have a long wait list over msrp

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You will likely need to look out of state for MSRP pros. I wouldn’t count on Longo, their lists are INSANELY long for anything desirable.

And they need to get a 50 state TRD

I thought all Toyotas are 50 state
Every since build sheet I’ve seen lately out of state has it

Not sure, maybe they are just showing the 50’s

Lets ask @Ryan_Squillace and see if he knows since he is in TX

What are we asking? Price?

I have 1 at 15k over

Are all Toyota’s 50 state or it’s case by case (or are all 4Runners 50 state)?

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Yes, it’s on the window sticker for everyone I see in my inventory.


There is a college rebate. Toyota college program is as follows

Legal Jargon

If you’ve graduated within the last two calendar years or will within the next six months, you may qualify for rebates or competitive APRs and lease terms:1

A $500 rebate when you finance or lease any new Toyota vehicle through your dealer and Toyota Financial Services.

Competitive APRs and lease terms on all new untitled Toyota vehicles. We’ll even waive the security deposit on your lease.

To take advantage of the program, you must meet one of the following:

• Have graduated from an accredited four-year college, university, or registered nursing degree program during the last two calendar years or will graduate from such a school/program within the next six months

• Have graduated from an accredited two-year college, junior college, technical college, or university during the last two calendar years or will graduate within the next six months

• Be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited graduate degree program during the last two calendar years

• Have graduated from an accredited two-year trade or vocational school during the last two calendar years or will graduate within the next six months

Have to finance or lease with Toyota. So if there’s no national promotion you can def get cheaper rates and not take the $500 incentive.

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Have one with balloon. Thats way to go on trd pros.

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You can pull a Trism, finance for the rebates, then buyout and finance via your preferred method depending on if it’s cheaper or not.