Transition from old lease into new

Hi all, couple of questions:

Is it still possible to get a good lease deal when transition from an old lease into a new one at a different dealer? My current lease is up in 3 months and i’d like to start looking to get into a new lease with a different vehicle/brand. Would i still negotiate the same way or should i approach it differently given the old lease?

Thanks in advance!

Yes many brands have competitive lease offers (ie if you hold a lease from a competitor), so they give you $500 or $1000 incentive. So do mention that your lease is going to be up and you are shopping a different brand. However bear in mind that lease termination fees will apply (they get waived if you lease from same brand).

Not if the different brand dealer buys the leased car (we are talking about “disposition fee”, not “termination fee”). Disposition fees are meant to cover end of lease inspection, but there will not be any inspection in this case.