Transferred - 2019 BMW 640I GT - $82k msrp / $527 per month, 14 months left

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 640GT
Location: MPLS, MN

MSRP: $81,905
Monthly payment: $598 (includes tax-paid upfront)
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): $527 incl tax

Current mileage: 22,200
Maturity mileage: 33,629
Effective miles per month: 850
Maturity date: 6/29/22
Residual: $43,476

MSD due (if any): $4200
Cash due (if any): 0
Incentive for new lessee (if any): $1000 - I’ll drop MSD or provide for shipping for LeaseHakrs.

Financial institution: BMW
Transfer fee: $595
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: No pets, no smoking, no accidents and it has a brand new set of tires. It has one tiny door ding in rear door that doesn’t show up in pictures and it has a couple scuffs on the wheels and the rear hatch sill. All under the BMW lease turn in rules.

Fully loaded including luxury seating package with massaging seats, premium package, m-sport package, soft-close doors, rear heated and reclining seats, heads up display, HK surround sound, black grill, CF mirrors and heated steering wheel.

Placing it here for 2 weeks for LH, then it goes to swap-a-lease.

Let me know what questions you have.



I didn’t even know they still sold these. Haven’t seen one in couple years now

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Dibs :slight_smile:

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Holy cow this is a smokin deal. I doubt it’ll survive the 2 weeks to get to swap a lease, haha.

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It’s a 2019 MY

Awesome deal!

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Not so silently chuckling here as I ponder this option.

My Carbon Black 640i GT lease expired 2 days ago, with almost the same exact specs, minus the exec package. I extended for a month as I just couldn’t nail something down, having little time with a recent job change. Did the pre-inspection last week and they told me I was right at 4/32nds on one tire. I’ve logged 19,750 miles (2 year/20k term) and if I go too much longer, I’ll be on the hook for a new one.

Are your tires the originals? All in all, a smoking deal. GLWT!

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This one has 4 new tires put on at 21k miles and it’s now pending transfer.

Please share any hints to a smooth transfer with BMW, the last one I did was in 2005.

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i just transferred one roughly a month ago…

Use overnight shipping option as it could speed up things…
Always use tracking when you send docs back and forth…

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Car is back to available, first inquiry fell through.

Ooooh a local! I’m battling Motorwerks and Minnetonka for deals to replace my 3 that’s due back in a couple weeks. Would definitely be interested if none of them come up with good options

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Transfers seem to be taking more time, and they are blaming it on the pandemic. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s always the reason they give. Still, BMW is generally fairly speedy compared to a lot of the others. My suggestions would be to overnight everything, and if you have a shipping account, provide the number to BMW and the other party so they can utilize it to get things shipped as quickly as possible.

You can really only control how quickly you fill out and send back the paperwork. I usually follow up every few days with someone in the transfer department and the other party just so they know I’m staying on top of things.

Communication, as always, seems to be key. Good luck.

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You’ll have to move quickly if you’re interested. I already have another person ahead of you.

Just turned in my GT last week. Great car, great value

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Several interested parties not understanding the need for up front $ for MSDs, one serious interest but couldn’t work with shipping and one person that I laughed off because they wanted the car for $299 effective monthly. Directed him to a 3 series…

It is now back available again.

Some answers to FAQs, no I will not waive the MSDs. You’ll need to pass BMWs credit requirements for an $80k MSRP lease, so good credit is required. You’ll need to pay the $500 transfer fee and pay $3200 to me. I’m incentivizing it $1,000 but that doesn’t change the payment, it is $598 including tax to Bmw. You will receive a very nice car with brand new tires that you can drive for 14 months and I have a full album of images showing condition accurately. At lease end you’ll get the full $4,200 back that I paid initially.

One more week and we go to Swapalease for $598 and no incentive. Roughly $200-300 less per month than the other GTs there;


Can’t wait to see that poster’s face when they find out you can’t get a 3-Series anymore for that price, either…


The guy that tries to low ball everyone strikes again. I think he’s been banned


If that ain’t a leasehackr special if I’ve ever seen one.


I’d do this if I wasn’t so far from Minny.

Just how far are you?

MSP is a Delta hub. :wink: