[TRANSFERRED] 2019 BMW 440i Gran Coupe xDrive $385/mo + tax + $3150 MSD DAS. 12k/yr


I will preface by saying I absolutely take care of my vehicles. I want to test the waters to gauge interest as I really should have a bigger vehicle to account for our growing family.

This car is a lovely monster. White with black kidney grilles/ tinted windows & carbon fiber spoiler. Absolutely gorgeous in person; pictures really don’t do it justice.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 440i xDrive Gran Coupe
Location: Minnesota

MSRP: $59,655
Monthly payment: $385/mo + local tax
Current mileage: 14,400
Maturity mileage: 27,839
Effective miles per month: 870 mi/mo
Maturity date: June 2021

MSD: $3150 DAS you will get back at lease end
Cash due (if any): $0

Financial institution: BMW FS
Transfer fee: $500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

    • Excellent condition
    • Black Dakota Leather with Oyster highlight
    • Convenience Package (heated front seats / active blind spot detection/ lumbar support)
    • Driving Assistance Package
    • Heated Steering Wheel
    • 19" wheel
    • Heated rear seats
    • Black Kidney grille
    • Carbon Fiber rear spoiler
    • Stainless steel pedals
    • All weather floor mats


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Quick Recap: 15.5 months left on this lease equating to about 870mi/month.
$3650 expected at transfer (MSDs you will get back + $500 transfer fee). Local pickup preferred; will ship at buyer’s expense.

Please message if interested.


Effectively $580 isn’t terrible, but also gonna be a hard sell given you’re in MN. Adding year to your title/body. GLWT

I’d ditch the $2k, otherwise you probably won’t find much interest here. Just being honest, effective $580 is high. There are a lot of sub $500 (some unicorn sub $400) leases here for new or loaner 340/440’s.

There’s no mileage benefit, time benefit, and the new assumer will be responsible for any related lease turn in costs. That’s a tough sell 'round these parts.

fair enough. appreciate the feedback @HarryHood @dukez! I was back & forth on that aspect. Might just stick to MSD-only. that said, I know for a fact MN is a really tough market to even get to those numbers.

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Bump. Nothing DAS besides the MSDs you would get back.

Good deal and good luck with Transfer !

Unless my math is horrendously off, doesn’t receiving the MSDs back when you give the car back at lease end mean that you’re effectively paying low-$200s per month for the car? Fantastic deal.

@rgao007 not necessarily as I would expect that being paid to me so effectively:
(413/mo * 15 months) + $3150
$3150 you’d get back so it’d just be the $413/mo

Ah, you should really specify that $3150 plus the $500 transfer fee is due to you at signing then. The way it looks right now, it seems like you’re not asking for the MSD cost to you. Either way, still a good deal.

Noted! changed the title & some info in the description. good call out @rgao007

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This a 2 year lease and you drove 14,400 miles already in 8 Months?

about 11,000 in 8ish months … demo vehicle that was at 3500 miles when I took it over @TaiChi

thanks for the clarification!

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Surprised no one is biting on the forum! This car is INSANE especially at this price point. Listed on swapalease as well. Let me know!

It’s likely a combo of your region and the lack of options. The fact you pulled back on the $2k makes this a good deal for anyone who assumes it. It just isn’t well optioned, which might be why it’s not moving. It’s only been a few days, though. At this payment I imagine you could have this gone in a month on swapalease

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You might consider changing the title to reflect the pre-tax payment. There’s a reason other types of merchandise are priced at $199 and not $200.

MSDs are also going to be an obstacle for some percentage of people in the market for a car with a $3XX payment. Not suggesting you remove them and take a loss, it’s just reality.


Bumping for the hackrs. I have this listed on swapalease with +$1K due at signing that is waived for this awesome community. :slight_smile:

Let’s make this happen!

Weekly bump =)

I will refresh the post with much better pictures this weekend.
Reminder: all I’m asking is for the $3150 MSD back + transfer fee!

very tough to recreate this deal with lack of incentives on 2020 440s. Nearly 30% off base MSRP for the $385/mo price!!

NEW PICS LOADED on the original post :slight_smile:

Pm you on this :).