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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:PENDING

6k Cash DAS for less than 1 year on a 2019 is very high ask imo. This is a 909.45/month pre tax payment.



Similarly equipped 530ix m-sport with 15k miles per year would be higher than this, even from a broker. Thanks

This is a pre LCI model though. Good luck with transfering!

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I’m sure that LCI is very important, though have no idea what it is. But I do understand that comparing payments on a '19 with 20k miles vs. a new '22 is not apples to apples :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a nice looking car. Hard to justify $900 a month for a 530i though, pre or post facelift


At this ask, it’ll be tough to move this here and even on SAL, quite frankly. It’s a gorgeous pre LCI tho.

Have you looked into selling it or is there no equity in it?



Basically it had a '21 facelift, minor refresh. They gave it grill and bumper changes and upgraded screen from 10" to 12" and a couple other little nuances.

And the new headlights.

And new tail lights, and digital cockpit, and the mild hybrid (48v) in the 6 cylinder models iirc.

Plus the new BMW digital key (iPhone as Key).

So if you can’t sell at 6K DAS this week, you will INCREASE it to 8K DAS?
Seems to defy logic.

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I think you’ll find that the SAL crowd is a lot less discerning than the crowd on LH. A lot of folks on SAL are monthly payment shoppers who don’t really look at the effective monthly payment.


At that point, it’s smarter to buy that damn car used… 3,600(lease cost) + 8000(DAS) + 500(Transfer fee) + 350 dispo fee, plus the maintenance that isn’t transferred over 1-2 oil change(150-300), any wear the buyer doesn’t know on the vehicle… you end up spending almost 13,000 to lease a pre lift 5 series which is almost 35% of it’s value if you just financed it lol.

Not sure where you get your oil changes.

Doesn’t that seem high?

At a dealer, 150 per oil change I’d think is a normal amount - less I’m an idiot.

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A BMW oil change at my local dealer is about $99-200+. Below is a non M 4 series for example. This doesn’t include tax and it says additional costs may apply. M sport packages options get more expensive. I cant find this car for a oil change on their website, which means it’s not discounted.
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 5.18.11 PM

The only time you should take your car to a dealer for service is if it’s under warranty.

Maserati is $600+

Forgot what Porsche’s are… but it’s north of $300.

Got rid of the last two cars before first oil change was due, so can’t say :rofl:

Is the job somehow different i.e. requiring some special tools to drain the oil etc? Or is it because it is “Maserati” :wink: ?