Trade War effects

will these proposed tariffs drive up the price of cars? I think if an aluminum tariff is imposed it might affect it slightly, but there also might be a tariff on imported cars from Europe… anyone think this will have a drastic effect on the industry?

Of course it will, if and when the tariffs are imposed. I just don’t see any way for the manufacturer to absorb that much of the cost, unless they were overcharging us that much all along. If that happens I would have to consider a buyout on most of my leases.

Well bmw has been overcharging us for that long. Not saying to the extent of the proposed tariffs, but they have definitely been overcharging the us market. 2 years ago the dollar got really strong vs the euro, and BMW announced that they wouldn’t be changing pricing for the US market. A bmw 330i xdrive in Canada starts at 35,400 US vs 43,000 here.

Let China dump cheap Volvos on us!

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And maybe Mercedes soon enough

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that the White House requested that Beijing cut the deficit by $1 billion, less than 0.3 percent of the 2017 imbalance.

Not car related but I work in a structural steel engineering/sales/fabrication office and we’re already seeing the trickle-down when even trying to order material (which most big outlets purchased most of when they were announced.) Not sure how it’ll translate to vehicles but if the market is suffering I’d guess that we may not see the effects right away?

I just hope it doesn’t affect it that much when I may be in the market late this year or early next year lol