Trade in value for 2017 Accord tourinh

I have a lease ending on a 2017 Accord touring. I believe according to Edmunds I have 3000.00 equity in this car low miles and excellent condition. But dealer says 2000.00 equity. Where can I get an accurate estimate. Thanks

$9k down $350/mo


9k down & $350 month? You got ripped off.

Should I have only put 8k down? I got a free trunk mat!!!

You should have been around $350mn with $0 due at signing, just first months payment of $350.

You are joking, right?

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No dude you didn’t see it included a spoiler too. That was like $5k alone.


This is obviously a joke. Don’t waste people’s time.

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I laughed out loud. It had a spoiler!

And not for nothing but in three posts you didn’t answer the OP either so…:man_shrugging:t2:

Not from anyone here.

Carmax. Vroom. Carvana. Another Honda dealer who wants that car in their inventory. Someone you can drive the car to, who can see it, touch it, and appraise it.

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Thanks for the suggestions