Trade in question towards a lease

If I trade in a car that is worth $6,000 and the total lease payments over 3 years is $6000 and I do a one pay lease, does that mean that I don’t have to pay sales tax on the leased car?
I know it is not smart to do a one pay lease but I was just wondering if I would save on tax by doing that? I know you save on sales tax with trade in when you buy a new car but I am not sure about leasing.

It depends on the state and how they charge the tax as to whether the trade in will impact that, but I don’t think one pay enters into It. Also, one pay can be a good way yo lease the vehicle with minimum rent charged. Down payments are bad, one pay is not. The exception being a manufacturer who offers msds as you can get similar discount with refundable msd and the up less capital.