Trade in of Audi to Tesla help

Hi- I am getting some conflicting info on how a trade of a positive equity lease works. My lease on my Audi ends in a few weeks and I am well below my mileage putting me ahead.Tesla has offered me 57900 and Audi offered 52k for the car. Both of these put my in a cash positive situation. Audi is telling me I cant trade in to Tesla as they will keep the profits on the trade. Is that possible ? Is my best bet to just buy the Audi with cash then sell to Tesla? Is Audi wrong ? I am likely buying a Tesla with the profit on the “trade” If it helps I am in MD. thanks all!

Audi fs charges a much higher rate to 3rd party dealers, so they may have offered you more, but theyll have to pay a lot more.

thanks. Would the better play be taking the 52k vs the 57900? Do they charge that much?

Youll have to find out from audi fs

Got it, thanks again. Might just be easier to buy out the car with cash then cut them out of the whole thing.

Just depends on how much tax youll have to pay, etc, to buy it out

So you’ve already paid 6% tax on your current vehicle’s price at lease inception. Can you buy it out without any further tax being owed?

In Maryland you pay sales tax again so another 6% if i buy it.

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