Tracking my 2019 Cadillac XT4 Carmax offers

Lease is up in December. But every once in a while I run the Carmax offers. Here is the past 6 months. (buyout 26k). I’m still putting miles on it, but the numbers have still been solid.

12/20 $36,000

1/10 $37,400

2/2 $38,800

2/19 $38,000

3/1 $37,700

3/26 $37,500

4/13 $36,100

5/3 $38,400


Out of curiosity, why are you only running carmax offers? There are plenty of other online places to sell a car to, and many of them are consistently higher than carmax’s offers.

No reason, other than I’m not really serious about selling. So getting a quote from 1-2 places was enough for me.

I ran Carvana march 1st, and it was so low I haven’t bothered since (Your Offer $27,894).

Which state are you in? Carmax is starting to offer good money in the northeast, recently talked to the CEO, Bill Nash, and he wants to add a few stores. They just opened a store in NJ, their biggest cross-functional store in the northeast so need inventory


I’m in Michigan

Dont they have a few stores in NJ?

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I do this as well. More curiousity than anything to see if my asset is appreciating or depreciating. No intention of selling.


They do but the one in edison that they just opened is their biggest in the northeast region.

Carmax used to be terrible pre-pandemic, but now consistently seems to be highest in the Northeast, especially for my Kia Forte. They’re basically offering MSRP from 2019 for a car that was almost totaled and had 10k of repairs.

i doubt you’ve told them that

I did tell them (and wouldn’t they see it anyway). I almost fell out of my chair when I saw their offer. 6k equity on a $19,000 car. Alas, my daughter doesn’t want to give up her car yet - it’s her equity.

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Carmax displays free Autochek reports for every vehicle they sell. Some accidents show up on Carfax but not Autochek and Vice versa. I don’t know about the specific vehicle in question but my guess is the accident doesn’t show up on AutoChek.
That specific history report is most important to them, since that’s what buyers see. Most buyers aren’t going to pay more for an extra car fax report.

P.S. @johandkoh your daughter could sell the car and buy a new Forte.

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Well it’s a lease, and she only needs it for a few more months until she’s done with college. But yeah - I keep urging her to take the money while she can. Kids. They never listen no matter how old they are :wink:
Who knows - maybe the equity will still be there in the fall.

Sold 2 cars to Carmax between March 2021-Sept 2021 in CT and their offers were very high compared to others at the time.

Interesting, first time i’ve got this message:

We’d like to see your Cadillac XT4

Online offers are based on recent appraisals of similar cars, and we haven’t seen many like yours lately. For your 7-day offer, stop by your local CarMax