Toyota's Styling

Ok, we all know that Toyota’s have always represented great quality and value, but is anyone else off-put by their recent designs? They used to be bland, but now they’re way over the top.


Quad exhaust on a Camry? :grimacing:

And don’t get me started on the Prius lineup. It’s like Pablo Picasso is their chief designer.

Think they’ll edge-off soon? Or is sharp harsh design language the new norm?

It hasn’t mattered what they’ve looked like for the last 20 years. If it has a Toyota badge on the trunk, it will sell.

I don’t mind the more aggressive look, but I have noticed that the grill area is lower to the ground and now gets destroyed when pulling into many driveways.

Also, IMO the Camry and Avalon look very similar now.

Toyota went this way with Lexus first, so why not.

Supra is nice FWIW… But that’s not entirely their doing. Their Trucks and SUV’s remind me of KISS or The Crow when you look at the headlights. It’s hard to unsee once you see it. Tacoma%204Runner

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This exterior design language with sharp lines started with the previous Lexus , apparently they found it successful and decided to implement to Toyota . Manufacturers implementing the new design in their luxury line and bringing to mainstream brand later is not new , Audi/VW did that ( jetta/a4) so is GM ( Escalade/ Yukon) . I guess the idea is to maximize profit with luxury line customers who want the new design and expand it to the mainstream customers who wants the luxury line but willing to settle with a one looks and feels similar .


I actually didn’t mind the design language when it first debuted on Lexus models in a few years back. But I think it’s lost in translation on some of the cheaper appliance models.

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I have a theory about the newest Prius. It looks like a Saturn to me.

I think the new design is great, the last generation model was not a significant change from the prior one and the style just became boring, but as most people look at Toyota they see reliability and affordability. Toyota really took a chance with the XSE Camry, it’s a great looking car but price wise way too expensive, especially in the 4 cylinder price. If anything the XSE should have been the SE and SE the LE…
I was in the market for the Camry after the redesign but when I picked up the Honda touring for as much as the Toyota SE I said I could have a ton more options for the same price driving the Honda so I went with Honda instead.

Quad exhaust ONLY on XSE.

However like I mentioned the SE should have received quad exhaust for appearance!

I wouldn’t mind the aggressive look if they had the performance to back it up. Putting non functional air vents all over a grocery mobile is a real putt off and shows how out of touch they are.