Toyota Tundra lease expiration US Bank - what to do?

Last year during lockdown many of us here took advantage of great deal on Tundra trough Jim. Our lease end comes in April. I am wondering what are you guys planning to do with your trucks.
I did sign up for cyber truck and f-150 lightning, but they are not coming anytime soon.
I will try to extend lease as long as USB let me, and eventually buy it out if EV truck still not be avaliable

I extended my 2019 Tundra 6 months with USB - just call them up they send you the paperwork and you sign and return. You will pay additional tax each month, if applicable in your State - I had to in NY. Good Luck.

You likely have tons of equity in the current market. Check buyout offers from the usual Carvana, Carmax etc and consider buying it out now. Then when the time comes you’ll have the title and flexibility to sell it for “profit”

If you have the option to get into another good deal, or have another vehicle to use… I would absolutely sell the Tundra. As others have said, you likely have a fair amount of potential profit here. The Tundra typically hold it’s value value, and that is before considering the current market conditions (i.e. insanity).