Toyota Tundra 2022


Looks interesting, bit that spelled out Toyota in all caps looks weird.

Every new truck reveal is like a contest for who can overcompensate the most…


It’s more like who can make a bigger front grill with their company name spelled out…

I would jump on this if I was starting a ServiceMaster franchise next year.

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Any prices details?

That platinum grill is baaad

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We will know official pricing in a few months

They look better then i thought they would. I really would have wanted this two years ago. But now I’m ready to move onto electric and it’s disappointing that you can’t get that in the redesign.

That TRD Pro in white definitely has an oddball stormtrooper vibe about it.


Liking it so far!

If only those anazing cody deals come back on this new redesigned one!

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Maybe by 2035.


Tundras are coming back ?

If it ain’t “two-fitty” a month, I don’t want it…

Screen too distractingly big, grills plasticy, only interesting feature is full sliding back window, in 2022. Soyfan is in desperate need of a stylist.

So I’m not the biggest fan of the next Gen tundra front end. The pro doesn’t look bad remind me alot of the previous generation pro. Always been a pet.peave of mine how much better the pro grill looks over all the other trims in every tundra generation. Where is the balance toyota! Now I feel like I have to get a next gen pro even though it’s probably gonna be 70 grand because the grills on the other trims are so ugly lmao :rofl:

So, the 2022 Tundra is same as the 2021 tundra except for a Tacoma Pro Grill and Lexus GX headlight? Got it …

I forgot to add… Same as 2021 but with a weaker engine …