Toyota Tacoma TRD pro lease

Anyone here lease a Toyota Tacoma TRD pro? I am looking for a truck and it really caught my eye; especially in voodoo blue. Just not sure they lease well since they hold their value. Or would it be better option to do balloon payment finance with Pen fed; using the Pen Fed payment saver. Any insight?

TRD Pros do not lease well and you cannot purchase them under MsRP

You would be lucky to purchase one for MSRP. most dealers charge way over msrp. Bad lease

Would pen fed payment saver work? I seen some on CarGurus for under msrp. Not much maybe 1-2k.

Advertised is set up automatically. When you call the store they will tell you the real price. its a truck to purchase for sure.

Have you seen customers do deals with pen fed payment saver? I know they do not deprecate much; I usually lease and wouldn’t want high payments, is the ballon payment a good idea. With 0 down and a 36 month ballon is about 31k. Making payments around 450 monthly essentially. Would the truck cost that much after 3 years or will I be upside down. Mileage I drive is around 7.5k-10k yearly

Reach out to @Jrouleau426

His Toyota lease deals were outrageous.

they won’t be on a TRD pro, that you can guarantee.

Yes, Pros are nice trucks. I had a family member just pick up a new Tundra Pro last month. Leases and incentives/rebates are almost always a no go for anything labelled Pro; you will be paying full price. Any other Tacoma would be possible for a decent-great lease deal.

I can get a pro at or just under msrp. Message me! Might not be voodoo blue though as they go above msrp

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I can get the $48500 msrp pro for about 2% off msrp. Leases would be approx $550/mo plus tax and tags!


That’s an awesome deal!


I wouldn’t pay 625/mo all in for it, but as far as pros go it is a great deal. Prob smarter to buy it though as it holds value so well…

Where are you located? That is a decent deal for a Pro.

Philly area

What is the term and mileage on that lease?

Is this a possible deal in SoCal and would a down help this deal at all? If so how much to cut the lease monthly in half or at that point is financing the better route?