Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road Double cab 4x4 $265+tax/month, 27/12k

Signing this deal tomorrow. Is this a good deal or i’m getting ripped off?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020/Toyota/Tacoma/TRD Off Road
MSRP: $39,392
Selling Price: $34,499
Monthly Payment: $259
DAS: first month payment+tax+lease fee
Annual Mileage:12k
MF: .00186
Leasehackr Score:11.6 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Your calculator doesnt match offer. You sure all the details are right? What bank is this thru?

ally bank i think. Going to find out tomorrow.

Thats 100% an Ally deal.

Its a good deal. You dont to ask if you’re getting ripped off lol


I assume this was a 4WD?
2019 or 2020?
Can anybody refer me to a broker or dealer that could get me this same deal? (in Texas/DFW)?


Yes its a 4X4.

MF and RV looks to be too low for an Ally deal.

I think there is a broker here in TX doing some slick Taco/Tundra deals?

Frank Solomon?

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27 Months.
THats not a TFS term as far as I know.

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Yeah Idk. But RV should be 85-86 with Ally and MF way higher.
Also @sunils is the $259 pre tax like the calculator shows? Also is drive off $0? Or the $1218 as the calculator shows? Are incentives $0 in your area? Most areas have $500-$1000 customer cash.

The Toyota broker in TX only does deals for TX addresses, for now.

Which numbers are correct? Title says 265/mo with zero DAS which would be insane on an off-road. Then Calc is 285/mo, and you posted 259/mo?

Sorry first time using this platform so made a few mistakes.

Here are the final numbers:

Model: 2020 TRD off road
Term: 27/12k
Monthly: 265+Tax
DAS: First month payment+tax+lease fee

Let me know if any questions.

What’s your location? Help some peeps find these Toyota dealers that actually do ally leases

Did you find out what bank their using? MF posted is definitely not Ally.

If it’s 265 all in then run there to sign. I think that’s not possible though. Something is fishy. They can’t sell at 15% off

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Dont think hes at 265 all in. He posted above 265+tax. And 1st, lease fee(acquisition?), and I’m guessing dealer fees upfront

That’s correct @Jflores14.

It’s $265+tax monthly and

DAS: First month payment+tax+lease fee

Do you guys this is still a good deal to go get it? Appreciate any help this great community can provide.

Do you have copy of lease worksheet?

Great update your first post so I don’t get 937 people asking for for a $265/mo sign and drive :taco: offrd!

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