Toyota Sienna XLE AWD in NJ

I am seeking help on a 2019 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD
15k miles
36 or 39 mo.
Coming out of 36mo Sienna XLE lease in April, want to do it earlier due to overage mileage at this point.

Any suggestions or help appreciated, looking to work on these numbers with the dealer ASAP.

They don’t lease anywhere close to your current lease sooo be ready for a surprise when you see the payment. :frowning:

Here the offer I got which as Cody suggested was a surprise $100 more than I am paying currently.

2019 Sienna XLE AWD
MSRP 41,193
36 mo
$3000 DAS (including tax, first payment, title, bank, DMV)
$526 / mo

I offered same DAS with $499 /mo and walked out and they let me, usually that’s not the case.

Can someone suggest what the correct number on this monthly payment should be.


Depending on the current incentives that is a high quote still Could be about there with $1.1K down in CA.

Our Customers are freaking out because we are like $200 a month or than 3 years ago. :frowning:

Went to Towne Toyota in Ledgewood NJ much less BS and got better deal.

Please rated this deal
Toyota XLE AWD
MSRP 41,193
36 mo
15k mi
3000 DAS (including tax, first payment, title, bank, DMV)
$475 /mo
Current lease has 7000 miles overage and 2 mo payments left, dealer taking that over.

Does TFS still do MDS? If so what is the MF reduction for each deposit and what is the max number of deposits?


Yes they do. It’s .00008 per MSD. 9 is the max

Can it be used to reduce any MF or does it apply only to the standard TFS rate of .00285??


Works on standard and subvented rates

Cody hooked me up with a local contact here in AZ. I was between a 19’ Sienna XLE AWD and Odyssey EX-L. The Sienna was $560/month with tax, $0 DAS. The Odyssey was $492/month w tax after negotiations w 3 dealerships. I ended up going with the Odyssey. Happy to share the deal specifics if needed.

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Both deals were 12k miles/year and no MSDs.

That’s about 100 bucks a month high for that vehicle in the NY area.