Toyota Sienna Residual and MF for NY

Can you please provide the Residual and MF for Toyota Sienna in NY.
interested in the LE, XLE and XLE premium.

Any dealership recommendations in the LI/Queens Areas

What are the incentives/rebates these days?
I am shooting for a payment of about $330 a month inclusive of 8.625% sales tax for $33K MSRP with 1st Month/ DMV upfront…Do you guys think that is doable? I would like to get this done withing the week.


2017 Toyota Sienna XLE and XLE Premium info please?

Lease cash or incentives


I have been told by a dealer:

Residual 59% for 36m/12k
.00056 MF

This was for a 2017 Sienna XLE (FWD 8 passenger model)

MSDs can be used even with this low MF (down to .00008)

Was offered invoice as the selling price, plus the now obligatory doc fee ($400)