Toyota Sequoia platinum got the MF

Msrp 67,054
Mf .00172
Residual 55% it is a 2016
7,221 savings
Sell price 59,833
+ tax 3589.98
Net Sale 63,649
1144.31 down … 861.00 a month.
I did find a limited for 55,000.

I like to know where they should be.

Having looked at Truecar and other sites it seems that $7500 is an average saving to make on this car. I am guessing you could push a bit harder. I would rather a Merceded GLS for that sort of monthly payment though :wink:

Have you considered using MSD’s to lower the MF and thus the payment. Toyota do them.

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I did ask about a security deposit. The one dealer said people don’t really do them. However this dealer price I posted said that this MF just went up as of January 4th and residual to 55%, but still a better deal than a 2017.

Well they do them, and it would be a good thing on this car. Ask to talk to their head of finance and show them this.

Thank you so very much! I’m going to call the other dealership tonight. Do you have any suggestions on the number ? I will get them back right?

Sorry .yes I will! I see it now.

My thoughts exactly- GLS.

So I found the limited payment. $695.00 per month. $2000 down. Sell price $55,000 MSRP $60,000

Mercedes dealers here are the worst, because their are very few.

Where are you located?

PA 3 anywhere remotely close to me. They just wont deal…Getting a online price is laughable too.

I priced a GLS .it was ridiculous! Both dealers wanted a price of $1000 +

I see- completely understand. Check out the following link. It can potentially save you some serious if you’re willing to put in the work.

I would call a broker in your area and see what they can offer. If they wont negotiate with you then let someone else negotiate for you. There is no harm if only to find out a price.

If you don’t need something that big, Acadia/Highlander/Pilot etc would be half that quote.

Thanks! Maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone. …I’ve only ever drove that size vehicle. Afraid of change.

Last generation, the Acadia/Traverse/Enclave triplets were bigger inside than the Tahoe/Yukon.

Don’t be afraid of change or stepping out of your comfort zone. I used to assume the math/formulas behind leasing were so complicated, I didn’t want to even look at them. Turns out you can do it on a piece of paper with the basic calculator on your phone, using nothing more than +/- and division/multiplication

Thanks for the boost of confidence. Coming from Yukon XL I need it!

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