Toyota rav4 2016, base model

can anyone please suggest good recommendation for a good deal for the rav4? my quick compare tool shows 7.5 years …so, very middle of road based on these national toyota offerings:

2016 Toyota Rav4 LE for $265, $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 first month payment.

36 months, 12K miles

looks like total payments of $9275 ($265 * 35 months). + taxes.

msrp - $25,475
cap - $25,283
purchase option - $16,049

i realize these are national figures…should we be able to do better with toyota rav4’s?

i can’t seem to get buick/gm to move much on the buick encore…i’ve only pretty much got the …you are crazy voice when i try to get near a $150 monthly with $0 down…basically trying to get any SUV (rav4, encore, escape, etc…).

thanks for any comments, suggestions. been learning a lot here, so, much much appreciated to all. :slight_smile:

2016 RAV4 LE, FWD, Chicago

24/12K: 70% residual, .00020
36/12K: 63% residual, .00020

Toyota is strangely anti-competitive and bans their dealers from advertising below-invoice prices. For that reason, it’s a bit difficult to get the market price for RAV4 and other Toyotas. Best to request quotes from multiple dealers in your region to get an idea of the selling price.

I’d target a selling price of $2,000 off MSRP. That gets you to $232/month with $0 down + taxes.