Toyota making a 'manual' EV

Toyota wants to make a manual transmission EV (Yes you read that), it will even simulate a ‘stall’ when you fumble the gears…


Is rev match standard or extra? How about hill assist?


All these delusional EV announcements from Toyota feel like what you’d hear from a vaporware SPAC company.


Rolling coal ability will be an added feature of course


I could not read details because its behind paywall but even when simulated, this could be interesting.

Kinda wild they’d do this when they already seem quite behind EV wise

Subscription based? /s

They are working on SSBs. I don’t think they have abandoned electric. They are still pushing for hydrogen though.

A manual Mirai ? Where do I sign

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Be cheaper to put an MP3 of the putt putt sounds and an old Street Fighter board in your center console.

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That’s why they’re doing it, or saying they will at least. Same with the 900-mile range BEV claim. They’re trying to get gullible people/investors to think they’ve been working hard on super secret awesome tech and to forget about the bZ4x.