Toyota loyalty stackable?

Hi all,

I’m hoping a Toyota dealer can help me understand the Toyota loyalty programs. I’m shopping for a 2021 Highlander and coming out of a 2017 Highlander. I received an email from TFS for $500 loyalty with a specific certificate number. While shopping, I was told by a few dealers that there is a $1000 loyalty rebate available to any Highlander to Highlander customer. One dealer said I could stack the loyalty and the other said I can not. I tried calling TFS, but they would only tell me that anything outside the $500 they were offering was dealer specific, which made me think that maybe the $1000 loyalty is from Toyota and the $500 is from TFS?? Anyway, any insight on this?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

You will be able to stack both. The $500 does have your previous dealers name on it but you can use it anywhere.

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Thanks Cody. Is it accurate to say that $1000 loyalty is from TMS and $500 is from TFS?

Not sure the logistics of who is paying but they are stackable.

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