Toyota leases in Texas are back...sort of

I got a Tundra lease last week at a local dealer that came off the transport the night before. I’ve been looking for a specific truck which has been a pain lately. The dealer I went through couldn’t do ally lease but it worked out with Toyota. Got a 2020 Tundra Sr5 4x4 with the TSS package and the leather package for $350 a month for 36 months, 12k a year. It’s a dead even $350.00 a month with zero due at signing. Had an MSRP of about $51k. They even delivered the truck 50 miles away and we signed the papers in the kitchen.


Killer deal, man. Just test drove one today in NorCal and the guy couldn’t come remotely close to $350 on 10K. Waiting for more inventory out here or maybe I’ll go for a road trip to TX. Wouldn’t be the worst way to get through COVID summer :grinning:

Great work! Looks like tax credit with TFS made this payment possible. Unfortunately, I don’t have any trucks 'til August. Anyway, congratulations!

Inventory was the big problem. All the other dealers I worked with would’t come off sticker much if at all. I had quotes all over the board up to $800 a month. Some dealers wouldn’t quote it at all without me letting them pull credit first and when i said no they refused to work at all and some added addendums. It’s not a $280 lease but considering the inventory levels I’m happy with it

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I am pretty sure you are happy with it!
I was at $280 on 24/12k last April, but that program seems to be long gone now, so…
But $800/month seems ridiculous. They would be making $10,000 straight off.
You might just purchase it at that point.

I just don’t have inventory to lease them out to people this month! Enjoy it!

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I would love a deal like that.
Send me your salespersons info
and he will have another sale.

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@LC_TX sent u a PM brother…

Would love a good 2 year lease deal on this very interested and ready anyone have anyone ?

Not going to happen with residual going down for every bank right now

3 months left on my Dodge Ram i guess will play the waiting game

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You certainly can, but highly doubtful that it’s going to go up. @Cody_Carter care to chime in?

$350 with nothing down through TFS…this seems like a unicorn deal for sure…can you share the numbers or a contact at the dealership

These are the only pages I have on my phone.

And it was Gulf Coast Toyota in Angelton

$4500 CCR is unicorn. Solid residuals. I doubt I could replicate anywhere in CA but I’m damn well gonna try.

thanks for the reply…yeah you got a unicorn deal I don’t think a DFW dealer will go for this

I shopped dealers in DFW and Houston and Austin. None would do anything but one phone call to Gulf Coast and it was done. If it’s worth a five hour drive to you I’d bet they’ll do it again.

It is a unicorn, gentlemen!


What do I have to do to get this same deal?

Hi, I want that exact truck and live in Dallas. What’s that color called? I was initially looking at the Calvary color but love the look of yours Would you pm me the contact info? Thanks for sharing. Ready to buy this afternoon. Cheers!