Toyota Lease Return assistance needed

Hackrs community,

Need help in Toyota lease return process.

I am thinking of returning my leased Camry next week, I did AUTOVIN end of lease inspection and the report showed some stupid minor scratches and the cost listed was around $600. This is confidential and not shared with dealers.
I am also turning in the car 2 months early, so I am expecting my total payment should be -
$210*2 (months) + $350 (lease disposition) + $600 (scratches) = $1400
I have already finalized my next car so I won’t be buying this Camry.

My questions –

  1. Any possibility of reducing these expenses?
  2. Anyone knows a good auto body workshop in central NJ who will detail my Camry so those minor scratches are taken care of? What should be the ideal cost?

Thanks again !

Did you lease another Toyota or a different brand?

Take your car to a Toyota store and ask if there are any fees to turn it in at that store. If they say yes, tell them okay, and that you will turn it in at a different Toyota store. I have a feeling the fees will disappear. They can buy your turn-in at a market rate from Toyota Financial even if the residual is above market value. You could also just call around and tell them what you’re planning to do and see who wants it.

Your dispo fee is waived if the dealer buys the car from Toyo Financial. You really cannot control if they purchase it or not. My last Toyota turn in the dealer bought the vehicle and I was not billed for wear and tear or disposition fee. I did not buy or lease another vehicle from them. Toyota Financial was able to tell me if the dealer bought the car within a few days of turning it in.

As the others said, see if the dealer can buy the car off you instead of processing it as purely a lease return.

Talk to Tony or Fred at Color My Car in Newark and see what they can do for you.

Yes I now have Chevy.

Thanks for the tip I’ll follow that.

Nice, I wasn’t aware of that… Will keep that in mind

Will try to see if any local dealer is interested.
Will check the auto shop for fixes :+1: